Home Improvements & Repairs, Scratches on Hardwood Floors

If you have started your kitchen improvement project, then you must read this article to find out how to get scratches out of your hardwood floors. Now, whether it’s an engineered floor, a hardwood floor, or a solid wood floor, your surfaces are pretty much the same. So, you know, if you have those instances, where somebody had moved back your chair and you get a scratch, there are some different things that you can do without having to re-finish the entire floor to take care of that.

Home Improvements & Repairs, Scratches on Hardwood Floors

Now, first and foremost, most of your hardwood floor products come with some type of a cleaner and a cleaner buffing agent. So in most cases, if it’s a really light scratch, you can just use the buffing agent with a soft white cloth and in most cases, you can spray it directly on, or spray it on the cloth, and you simply rub and this will actually clean and buff the area to get some of those scratches out.

Now there are some other aftermarket value products that you can use, that are specifically formulated to hide surface scratches. Now, if you get some deeper scratches, what you may need to do is actually get a Urethane or shellac. Actually, shellac works very well. What you can do is- you take some shellac, you cut it with a little bit of denatured alcohol to make a real thin mixture, and then you can just take an artist’s paintbrush and paint it into that crack, and then you let that dry, and then you come back and repeat.

Now, after you’ve repeatedly put the shellac in there, if you can still see the scratch, then you come back and do it a third time. Now if you have a really deep gouge or something like that, you can also use a product like a beeswax. If you melt the beeswax into it, sand it lightly and buff it, and use a buffing compound, again the cleaning compound and those are some typical ways that you can take care of some scratches in hardwood floors. These are some helpful tips on taking care of scratches on hardwood floors.

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