Home Remodeling: Laminate Flooring

In this remodeling and home improvement article let’s talk a little bit about the advantages of laminate flooring, especially Supreme Click Classic Series. The Classic Series is 10.3mm overall thickness with an 8.3mm Laminate Flooring board and a 2mm pad attached to the back.

Home Remodeling: Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring was invented about 20 years ago because people wanted the look of hardwood, but they wanted something that was Durable and would be a worthy home improvement investment. They wanted something that would be right for the active family and the active household.

Let start some simple tests. The first is the scratch test. We can take a key to our Supreme Click Laminate Flooring and not hurt the finish. And you see that there will be no scratch marks at all, on the product.

Another great thing about this product is its stain resistance. We can write on the product in a Sharpie marker, let it dry and then wipe it clean. As you can see, the Sharpie is dry; and all we need to clean this off is some simple acetone. Acetone can be purchased at any local hardware store or even at Walmart where I got this bottle for $6. Get the paper towel a little bit wet, and wipe it clean. The best part about this is that the acetone does not damage the finish and in no way, voids the manufacturer warranty.

Speaking of the manufacturer warranty, the manufacturer’s warranty on our Classic series ranges anywhere from 50 years to lifetime. Now, the Classic series in all the Supreme Click lines are made specifically to our standards. We have our manufacturing partners make the patterns that we want, the witnesses we want, with the warranties we want, and then we pass the savings along to you- the consumer.

Another great benefit of the Supreme Click Series is that it is a Green product. The HDF core board, which is on the interior part of the laminate is made out of recycling board products. The Supreme ClickClassic series has a 2mm attached pad. If you’re installing over a wood sub-floor, you’re ready to go right out of the box. If you’re installing over a concrete sub-floor, you still need a moisture barrier and that can be accomplished with our 2mm foam-and-moisture-barrier product for 15 cents a square foot.

If you get a small amount of water on the product, and you get it up in a reasonable amount of time, it shouldn’t be a problem. So don’t worry about water in the kitchen or in the bathroom. But if you do get a couple of pieces that get extremely wet, and there is bubbling at the seams, you can always replace them with the couple of extra boards that you’ve saved in your attic after you did your job.

The Supreme Click Classic series is incredibly easy to install with an angle-angle locking mechanism. You touch the face of two pieces at about a 30-degree angle and rock the second piece down into place.

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