How to Use Awnings at Home to Save Energy

Not everyone is aware that the awning does not only help control heat and sun exposure indoors and outdoors, but it can also help in saving energy. How does a markiisit or awning do this? Let’s get familiar with them!

How to Use Awnings at Home to Save Energy

An awning is a sheet or piece of cloth that hangs above a door or window to protect the house against the sun or rain. People usually use it outside their house as well.

Types of Awnings

There are different types of awnings. Some are already old, and some are just new.

Aluminum awnings

These awnings are commonly enameled in various colors. They are not rolled up. They are durable and tough and can last up to more than 40 years. Manufacturers say aluminum awnings can increase the circulation of air, thereby helping in cooling the house.

Canvas awnings

These awnings are usually colorful. They come in a variety of permanent or retractable styles. Canvas awnings keep stalls and shops cool.

Patio covers

Patio cover awnings come in wood, aluminum, or vinyl. These are simply big awnings that cover a larger area.

Pop-Up Awnings

Portable and pop-up awnings can provide you instant shade anywhere you want to. They are cost-effective. You can use them when you have an event in the garden.

Retractable awnings

Retractable awnings are perfect for blocking the sun’s heat. They can be less expensive compared to permanent awnings. This type of awning can be rolled up through a hand-crank. Also, they can be motorized by just pressing a button for the awning to retract.

Shade Sails

Shade sails awnings are made from canvas. They provide an elegant solution to keep the car cool. This type of awning can be used instead of a garage for shading your car. The awning is eco-friendly and can serve as rainwater catcher.

Solar awnings

Solar awnings have solar panels. They block the sunlight from entering your windows. You can save electricity with this awning as you will no longer need a powerful cooling system. Moreover, you can generate electricity from its solar panels.

How the Awnings Help You Save Energy

During the summer, when the sun is extremely hot, too much heat can get inside the house. Therefore, you need a cooling system to control the heat. Since awnings can shade your window, they can prevent heat from coming inside. Thus, you might not need an air conditioner to make the house cooler.

During the winter, when it is snowing, you can use awnings to block the extreme cold. Thus, with an awning, you might not need to use a powerful heater at all.

Final Thoughts

Awnings are indeed useful in saving energy at home. You can use them to keep the temperature indoors in check. With awnings, you will no longer use appliances that consume much energy as often as you usually do.

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