Keeping Your New Bathroom in Top Condition

Bathrooms are the area of the home in which we are supposed to attend to matters of personal hygiene and in turn, keep ourselves as healthy as possible. Yet, it is no secret that the majority of bathroom spaces are extremely unhygienic, with mold, bacteria, and germs thriving in the warm, moist environment.

Keeping Your New Bathroom in Top Condition

As such, keeping your bathroom in the best possible condition will be beneficial for many different reasons, not only ensuring that the space looks as attractive and luxurious as possible, but also ensuring that you and your family can remain as healthy as possible at the very same time, getting only positive benefits from pampering themselves, rather than risking leaving such a room less healthy than they went in.


Newer bathroom suites will, of course, help here. Not only will the likes of a wet room style bathroom be far easier to clean, but many newer bathroom additions will have been fabricated with hygiene firmly in mind, making it far easier to keep those germs at bay. Even the right paint, an effective extractor fan and the right form of heating will help too, and ensuring that all such solutions are in place when you renovate a bathroom will be vital.

However, once you have bought and installed luxury bathrooms, you are going to want to keep them as clean and as hygienic as possible, not only to ensure good health but also to keep such purchases looking great for as long as possible. As such, having the right approach to maintenance and cleaning will be extremely important.

Firstly, try to wipe down showers and baths after each and every use, and always leave extractor fans on until all steam has fully dissipated. By using a squeegee on shower doors after use and drying off all grouting and sealant, bacteria and mold will be far less likely to develop and in turn, you will have a far easier job doing a thorough clean when it comes time to do so.

Such a clean should happen at least once every couple of weeks, although this doesn’t mean you have to spend hours getting the room spic and span. By spending ten to fifteen minutes every couple of days wiping surfaces with disinfectant, putting bleach in the toilet bowl and spraying self-cleaning agent over showers and baths, those major cleans should also be relatively quick and easy. There are also plenty of products that can reduce the workload, such as anti-bacterial wipes that can be used on surfaces and toilets to avoid the need to constantly be spraying and wiping.

Finding the right bathrooms online will always be the first step, but once you have the right bathroom, it will be vital to take the right approach to clean and maintenance if you want it to stay as healthy and as attractive as possible. Not only will the right approach to cleaning improve health and aesthetics, but the cleaner your bathroom is the more comfortable and relaxed you will feel every time you use it.

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