Is your bathroom too small for you to comfortably dress each morning or prepare for bed each evening? If you have a relatively new home you probably have a large bath but if yours is an older home your bathing and dressing space may be too small for you to enjoy. There are ways that you can make your bathroom feel larger and to make it a more inviting area at the end of a long, tiring day at work. Take a good look at what you have now, make some notes, and look for ways to modify and use your space more efficiently.

Tips for Increasing Your Small Bathroom’s Appearance of Space

Use the Corners

If yours is a small bathroom, you’ll want to use every inch of space that you can effectively. Place shelves and storage units into the corners so that you can have a more versatile design and floor plan with which to work. By using your bathroom’s corners, you’ll be able to include some of your personal preferences for decor in the larger areas.

Consider a Smaller Toilet

You’ll most definitely want to consider replacing the toilet that you have now with a new and improved model. The ones available on the market use less water, have an elongated seat, and take up less space. You’ll be doing your part to conserve water usage and giving a more modern look to your bathroom’s fixtures as well.

Use Solid Colors

In smaller bathrooms you shouldn’t use patterns that are busy and work to only shrink the look of the space that you do have available. Use light, natural colors that will provide a more open and spacious feel to your bathing and dressing area. If you do want to express yourself with bright and vibrant colors you can always use linens and accessories to add a splash of boldness to your interior design.

Choose Smaller Fixtures to Maximize Your Space

From bathtubs that are designed for small spaces to space-saving taps you can use smaller fixtures to make your bathroom seem larger to meet your lifestyle and preferences. You’ll be able to find bathtubs with curved styles that add interest to your decor and a matching curved shower rod to complement your bathing area. If you purchase a single-hole tap you’ll have more space on your basin area and give the appearance of neatness and organisation as well.

You may also want to downsize the vanity unit that you use by fitting a neat corner basin (perhaps similar to the examples on show at to further streamline the new look in your bathroom.

As you work to enhance the look of your bathroom you must keep in mind your lifestyle, your personal preferences, and how much room you need for all of the things that you use to get ready for work each morning and bed each evening. Your bath area should accommodate your wants and needs and be a room in your home where you can go to rest, relax, and unwind after a stressful day. By removing clutter and updating the decor of your bathroom, you can enjoy your own personal space to the maximum.

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