What Are the Best Taps for My Bathroom?

Taps are often considered to be one of the most important elements of a bathroom but choosing the right ones for your bathroom can be difficult as there are so many different types and styles available. Below we take a closer look at the different types of taps to help you to choose what the best option for your bathroom is:

What Are the Best Taps for My Bathroom?

Deck Mounted taps

Deck mounted taps are the most common type of tap seen in bathrooms today. This type of tap offers easy access to water pipes.

Wall Mounted taps

Wall mounted taps give a more modern feel to a bathroom. They are mounted directly onto the wall and are fitted so that they reach over the bath or sink. Wall mounted taps are harder to repair if they leak as all the pipework is hidden in the wall.

Floor Mounted taps

Floor mounted taps are a new design in the world of taps. The pipework is visible as it is all above the floor. The benefit of floor mounted taps is that a bath can usually be positioned anywhere in the room.

Mixer Taps

Mixer taps are becoming more popular. They have one tap hole that mixes hot and cold water together as the water leaves the taps. The benefit of bath mixer taps is that they are able to provide an even temperature which reduces the risk of running a bath that is too hot or cold or that contains potentially dangerous hot spots.

Pillar Taps

Pillar taps are another one of the most common types of taps seen today. These are individual taps so there are two tap holes; one for hot water and one for cold water and they each have their own valve to control the flow of water.

Bath / Shower Mixer Taps

Bath / Shower taps incorporate filler taps with a handheld showerhead that stretches from the tap, allowing you to shower your body. Mixer taps are able to mix hot and cold water together before leaving the taps to ensure the correct temperature. Bath/shower mixer taps are convenient as they are able to both fill the bath and act as a shower.

Bath Filler Taps

Bath filler taps are similar to mixer taps in that they are able to mix hot and cold water together before leaving the tap to ensure the best temperature for the user. They usually have two handles to control water flow and temperature.

Integrated Overflow taps

With integrated overflow taps, the overflow is also tapped and is twisted to mix hot and cold water. This design also works well with wall mounted taps.

Overflow taps

It is important to select the correct type of tap for your bathroom and consider both form and function when doing this. Take a visit to the Tap Warehouse to see different types of taps and to understand which would work with the pressure of water in your house.

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