Why Apartments by Janapriya Engineers Syndicate Are in Demand!

If one seeks some of the oldest builder firms in Hyderabad, then Janapriya Engineers Syndicate definitely features in the list. The builder firm has a marked presence in the Hyderabad region and has been responsible for the construction of both residential and commercial real estate assets in the city.

Why Apartments by Janapriya Engineers Syndicate Are in Demand!

Their presence in the city for the past three decades has helped them consolidate their position and reintroduce themselves in a new and sustainable property market. If one were to compare the real estate growth of Hyderabad, it has been restricted to the areas near and beyond HI-Tech City and Gachibowli. Growth was rampant in those areas and it continued to be that way till the recession. The recession did not kill the growth but it certainly ensured that no area was safe enough from the fluctuations in the property market.

This is the reason why the best and the entrenched builders have been able to survive the recession. The Janapriya builders are amongst them. They had initiated multiple projects which are now ready to be offered to the end users. These projects are available in different parts of the city and offer a spread of house types which ranges from apartments to villas. One of the highlights of the projects is the Metropolis, which is being constructed in the Moti Nagar area.

Highlights of Janapriya Metropolis

Janapriya Metropolis is one of the most pragmatic offerings by the builders. It is truly an urban housing project which offers the best of city lifestyle along with the modern amenities that a city slicker might come to expect from it. This is one of the affordable project offerings from the builder. The starting price of apartments in this project is Rs. 21 lacs; which perhaps is the lowest apartment price in this category in any prime territory in India.

The accommodations have built up the area between 625 and 1250 square feet. They are available in 2 and 3 bedroom configurations. There are 2 variants of the 2 BHK and 3 variants of the 3 BHK apartments. The project has been constructed using an earthquake resistant RCC framed structure. With five buildings in the housing society, the choice of apartments is immense. The societal amenities include an amphitheater for conducting outdoor functions and a facility for indoor games as well.

Accessibility of the Janapriya Metropolis

The location of the project is such that Kukatpally is accessible from the bus. There are two train stations- Fathe Nagar and Bharath Nagar which are merely six to ten minutes away by road. Similarly, there are five bus stations within the range of two kilometers from the project premises. The locality comprises of numerous parks, banks/ATMs and all the other important amenities that one would need for a complete urban lifestyle. There are 11 shopping malls and at least 4 movie theatres within a radius of 2 kilometers from the project site.

An end user can assess the project using the housing.com portal. One merely has to select the ‘New Project’ option, type Hyderabad as the name of the city and then type the name of the builder in the search bar of the resulting page. All projects from Janapriya builders come up.

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